We have Roll Offs and
Dumpsters available now. Call
for a 7 day rental.
Y Waste Removal provides professional and
courteous garbage collection for residents.
Take a moment to see what Y Waste Services
are available in Mower County .
Sure, you see our truck on the road, but do
you really know that Y Waste is giving back to
Austin and the surrounding cities, by using the
local transfer station.  That helps the city and
community in many different ways.
To us, it's about giving back and, in turn, making
Austin and Mower County a better place to live.While
providing Residential and Commercial
Trash Services, Y Waste Removal prides themselves
on personal customer service.  
Cart/Container Placement

Place carts:
  • Roughly 2 feet apart
  • At least 3-4 feet from autos,
    trees, mailboxes,fences
  • Place Carts as close to the curb
    as possible
  • Place Cart lids opening toward

Please remove all containers from the street as
soon as possible after your trash has been picked up.
Garbage charges are based on
container size.

1-2 people per household

35 gal. Cart
Holds 1-2 kitchen bags
(19" wide, 24" deep, 38" high)

3-4 people per household

65 gal. Cart
Holds 3-5 kitchen bags
(24" wide, 29" deep, 44" high)

4 or more people per household

95 gal. Cart
Holds 5-7 kitchen bags
(26" wide, 34" deep, 44" high)
Extra Garbage to Pick Up…"Extras"

If you often have extra garbage, you may want to increase your garbage service to the next available size cart. Please let us know by calling
(507) 433-1702, if you want an pickup on extra bags, cans, or boxes. You will be billed for each extra item on your next regular bill.

Extra trash must be tightly bundled, bagged, or boxed, and it may not weigh over 40 pounds. Place the extra next
to your regular can.

If you have a large appliance, furniture or any other large item that needs to be picked up, (Bulky Items) please
notify our office in advance. You can call us at (507) 433-1702. You will be charged an extra fee for these items on
your next regular bill
10yd,15yd, 20yd & 30yd
1.5yd,2yd,3yd, 4yd, 6yd, &
1100 10th Drive SE, Austin, MN